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6' SVGA Monitor Cable HDDB15 Male to Male Ferrites

6' SVGA Monitor Cable HDDB15 Male to Male Ferrites

Premium VGA/SVGA Extension Cable (Male/Male) 6 ft.

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6 feet Premium VGA/SVGA Extension Cable (Male/Male)

 Looking for high quality, high performance SVGA cables without the huge price tag? Look no further! This Marvic.com High Performance 6-FT SVGA cables are just what your looking for. With our quality SVGA cables your can move your monitor up to 100FT away from the pc with out any worries (in most applications). All of the Marvic.com SVGA cables are dual ferrite and triple shield to guarantee that your devices will operate at their peak of performance. With dual ferrites and triple shielding our cables ensure that signal loss, ghosting, double imaging and signal distortion will not be a issue to create a truly worry free cable. Our high performance SVGA cables deliver a clear crisp picture that is ideal at home, in the office, in the server room, in classrooms or even in video presentations. The applications are practically endless.

·  Connectors: HD15 Male to HD15 Male (VGA) 

·  Constructed of premium grade triple shielded video cable which uses a combination of coax and twisted pair

·  Supports cable runs up to 100ft without a booster

·  Extra shielded cables, with multi-coax construction, give a sharp, clear display on higher resolution monitors and over longer distances.

·  Extend the distance of your monitor from your PC


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Premium VGA/SVGA Extension Cable (Male/Female) 6 ft.

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