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Flat Ribbon Cable, 50 Wire 100 Feet Roll

Flat Ribbon Cable, 50 Wire 100 Feet Roll

IDC Type Flat RibbonCable,50 wires, 50C Bulk 100 Feet Flat Cable Spool.

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Our PriceUS$49.00
Retail Price US$75.00
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Standard 1.27mm Spaced Grey Flat Ribbon Cable 50C, 50-wire, Bulk 100-Ft Flat Ribbon Cable.

General Description

Use this flat ribbon cable to build your own custom cables. It is available in a number of varieties, each with a different number of conductors. It is perfect for use with insulation discplacement connectors (IDC). One edge of the cable is color coded, which is conventionally used to indicate pin 1 of a cable.

This wire is sold by 100-foot spool. If you want to order less than 100 feet, you can orderfrom our per foot item.


  • 50-wire Flat ribbon cable
  • Wire: 28 AWG stranded
  • Style: UL 2651
  • Pitch: .05" (1.27 mm)
  • Max Voltage: 300V

Usually Ship within 1 BusinessDay

If you need a custome made cable or connectors, pleasecall us at 516-216-4080 or email to Info@Marvic.com

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