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16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter with Four Active ports, ARC-240

16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter with Four Active ports, ARC-240

KTI (KATRON) 16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter with 4-port Active Ports — AR-240
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ARC-240 16 Bit 4 Active Ports Arcnet Adapter
RG62/U Coax/Bus/Star Wiring Topology) AR-240 is a high performance 16 bit ARCNET card with 4 active ports, it supports wiring topologies of coax star and coax bus. User may select any one of these 2 topologies by jumper and DIP switch setting. The board is equipped with four
BNC ACTIVE PORTS to simplify installation.

Plugs into any IBM PC/AT and compatibles
Proven Datapoints ARCNET technology
2.5 megabits per second transfer rate
Activity LEDs for operation monitoring and diagnostics assistance

  • Model:  AR-240
    Standards:  Datapoint's ARCnet
    Bus Architecture:  16-Bit ISA
    Connector:  4 BNC
    Data Transfer Rate:  2.5 Mbps
    Duplex Mode:  n/a
    Cables:  RG62A/U Coaxial cable for BNC
    Max. Distance:  2000 ft for Coaxial cable
    LEDs:  Activity
    Power Requirement:  n/a
    Operating Temperature:  0° to 50° C
    Humidity:  5% to 90%
    EMI Rating:  FCC Class A, CE Mark



    Microsoft Windows 95/NT3.51/NT4.0 (TCP/IP Protocol Not Supported)
    Microsoft Windows for Workgroup 3.11
    Novell NetWare Server 3.1x/4.x
    Novell NetWare Client DOS ODI

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    8-Port RG62 BNC ARCNET Hub

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