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16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter, AN-520BT

16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter, AN-520BT

16-Bit ISA ARCnet Network Adapter — AN-520BT
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AN-520BT 16 Bit 4-in-One Arcnet Adapter
Coax/Twisted Pair/Bus/Star Wiring Topology) AN-520BT is a high performance 16 bit ARCNET card, it supports fourwiring topologies coax star, coax bus, twisted pair star and twisted pair bus. User may select any one of these four topologies by jumper and DIP switch setting. The board is equipped with two 6-position modular jacks and one
BNC connector to simplify installation.
    • Plugs into any IBM PC/AT and compatibles
      Proven Datapoints ARCNET technology
      255 nodes per network
      2.5 megabits per second transfer rate
      Activity LEDs for operation monitoring and diagnostics assistance
      On board 4K data packet buffer
      On board 8K x 8 PROM socket for Remote Boot

  • Model:  AN-520BT
    Standards:  Datapoint's ARCnet
    Bus Architecture:  16-Bit ISA
    Connector:  BNC and Duplex RJ11
    Data Transfer Rate:  2.5 Mbps
    Duplex Mode:  n/a
    Cables:  RG62A/U Coaxial cable for BNC, Telephone Twisted-Pair cable for RJ-11
    Max. Distance:  2000 ft for Coaxial cable, 400 ft for Telephone TP cable
    LEDs:  Activity
    Power Requirement:  n/a
    Operating Temperature:  0° to 50° C
    Humidity:  5% to 90%
    Dimension:  107 x 158 mm (H x W)
    EMI Rating:  FCC Class A, CE Mark


    Microsoft Windows 95/NT3.51/NT4.0 (TCP/IP Protocol Not Supported)
    Microsoft Windows for Workgroup 3.11
    Novell NetWare Server 3.1x/4.x
    Novell NetWare Client DOS ODI

    LAN Drivers:  AN-520BT_C.exe, Rev C (1999-05-28)

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